Where can I find your products?

Jack Link's has a large variety of products available however not all retail outlets choose to carry the entire product line. Jack Link's Meat Snacks are available in all good supermarkets, liquor stores, convenience stores and petrol stations generally in the snack aisle with nuts and pretzels.

What type of meat is used to make Jack Link’s product?

We use 100% export quality New Zealand topside beef in our Beef Snacks. Each cut has been trimmed of any fat or sinew by our suppliers to ensure our end product is 100% whole muscle goodness!

Are your products Halal?

Until recently, Jack Link's Beef Jerky retail products in the NZ and Australian markets were 100% Halal processed and certified. Due to changes with production, we can no longer guarantee a Halal certified product. All new retail products will have the Halal certification removed from packaging, however some product produced before this change may remain on shelf for a short time. Jack Link’s Traditional Biltong is not a Halal certified product.

Where is the ingredient information on the different products?

A full list of ingredients is included in the ingredient statement on the product package.

What is the shelf life of my unopened pack of Jack Link’s product?

The shelf life of an unopened Jack Link's product varies depending on the product. In order to experience optimal colour, flavour, aroma, and texture, the product should be consumed prior to the "Best Before" date printed on the package. Cool storage conditions may help to extend shelf life of the products.

What does an oxygen absorber do and why is it in my pack?

The oxygen absorber is the small white packet found in some packages of Jack Link's Beef Snacks (depending on package size). This small packet is clearly labelled "Do Not Eat"; however the contents are not harmful if accidentally consumed. Each oxygen absorber contains sterilised clay and elemental iron. The packet helps absorb any residual oxygen that may be found in the package, helping to retard the opportunity for spoilage.

Are your products gluten free?

Traditional Biltong and Sweet and Hot Beef Jerky are gluten free.

Is Beef Jerky like biltong?

Yes, Jerky is similar to biltong, however biltong is air dried whereas our Beef Jerky is cooked and smoked. Beef Jerky also tends to be a little softer and less fatty than Biltong.

Is there MSG in Jack Link’s product?

Our Jerky and Tender Bites have no added MSG. A small amount of MSG, is used as a flavour enhancer in our Steak Bars. Much like salt which retains flavour the active ingredient is Glutamic acid which retains the flavour over the shelf life of the product. Glutamic acid also occurs naturally in significant quantities in tomatoes, mushrooms, seaweed, shellfish and cheese. Toxicologists have concluded that MSG is harmless for most people, even in large amounts. Jack Link's will clearly list MSG in the ingredient statement printed on the package whenever MSG is used in one of our products.

Is Jack Link's Jerky suitable for Children?

Yes, Jack Link’s Jerky is a suitable snack for children and a great healthier alternative to other snacks such as potato chips. Please use your judgement and be careful with younger children who may be losing their baby teeth as jerky can be chewy.


What the difference between biltong and jerky?

Unlike jerky which is marinated, smoked & cooked on a rack in already sliced pieces, biltong is marinated in vinegar, salt and a mix of spices to give it that bold hit of flavour. The marinated whole cut of premium New Zealand beef is then hung and air dried at a low temperature before being sliced into tender mouth-watering slices of biltong.

What’s better, biltong or jerky?

What mood are you in wild carnivore?  Feel like taming your wild side with a bolder, richer texture and bigger flavour? Biltong is the way to go! Fancy a softer, leaner, smokier snack to satisfy your craving? Then beef jerky will be the best friend you never had but always wanted!

Is JL Biltong Paleo friendly?

Because of the importance of protein within the paleo diet, biltong is the perfect snack or addition to a meal for those who follow it. 

Is biltong healthy?

Biltong is a great source of protein, low in sugar and fat. We say that pretty much ticks all the health boxes!