5 Hangover Cures For The Wildest Carnivores

5 Hangover Cures For The Wildest Carnivores

Sometimes wild carnivores can fly a little too close to the sun. Here’s a few remedies that may or lets face it, may not help you pull through.

1. Hair of the dog

Coming from some yee-old english witchcraft. Hair of the dog refers to rubbing the hair of the dog that bit you into your wound to stop any… “evil stuff”.

Expect similar results when applying this technique within our modern context… another drink! You may feel better temporarily, but soon enough you’ll be back in bed having fever dreams.

2. Pickles

You either love em or hate em but when desperate times call for desperate measures…

Let’s set the scene. You find yourself stumbling into your kitchen in search of something that might help you not completely regret your life choices thus far. You open your fridge and find a shockingly desolate space. There is one thing though. Something you can always count on being in the fridge. A half empty jar of pickles.

Take a deep breath then have a swig straight from the jar. If you keep it down you’ve just replenished some much needed electrolytes. A pickle or two wouldn’t hurt either. I mean, you must like them if they are in your fridge right? 

3. Greasy breakfast

An oldie but a goodie! Science tells us that the amino acids found in bacon and eggs will help break down (fancy word alert) acetaldehyde – effectively helping the liver do its job. But the science aside, a good greasy breakfast will improve morale amongst you and your hangover companions. #foodcoma

4. Coffee

It won’t sober you up and it probably won’t fix your hangover either, but hey – each to their own. One thing you may need to consider though is balancing your caffeine needs with your hydration needs. If you’re gonna have your morning coffee, try smash a full glass of water beforehand.

5. Jack Link’s

You arrive home after a night out feeling surprisingly good. No need to take your usual hangover precautions. Everything is gonna be okay. #winning 

You wake up – everything is not okay. Luckily you have a trusty pack of Jack Link’s at the ready. Down that sucker and you’ll get all the goodness that comes with it.

Salt will help replenish those lost electrolytes. Keeping your hydration properly regulated so you can fight off those nasty headaches.

The amino acids assist your liver in doing its liver things. Vitamin B12 will help maintain a healthy level of red blood cells so you’ll have more energy to tackle the day. Those are some solid benefits from one of the tastiest snacks around!

When you get down to the guts of it there’s two core things you need to accompany any of these remedies. Water and rest.

… And even more so, the best cure for a hangover is to drink responsibly.

Here are some hangover free activities that some of our wildest carnivores do instead:

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