The Australian Fishing Championships Is Here!

The Australian Fishing Championships Is Here!

Team Jack Link’s ready! AFC 15 premiered on Ten Bold and for those who didn’t catch it (yes, we are not above fishing puns) grab yourself a pack of Jack Link’s, make yourself at home and check it out here.

Eat and repeat

Round 1 saw our very own team, the Hook, Line and Link-ers, take on reigning champs, Team BCF. The mission, should they choose to accept, catch 4 of the biggest Sooty’s you have ever seen in 4 hours. 


Not the prettiest fish in the sea

For those of you who don’t know, Sooty Grunters are very practical buggers who aren’t ones to turn their nose up at an easy feed. Knowing this the Jack Link’s boys whet straight for the big aquatic birds, whose poop (yes poop) is prime Sooty Grunter chow.

We prefer Jack Link’s, but to each their own #feedyourwildside 

Shag birds or Cormorants consume a diet very similar to that of larger fish - making their poop prime Sooty Grunter grub.

Meanwhile Team BCF relied on good old superstition, making their first cast with the lures they used in last years AFC. And you know what, it bloody worked too, with a massive Sooty Grunter smashing their lure on the first cast. From there on they were pulling them in one after the other.

These lads believe in magic.

With strong winds disrupting the Jack Link’s boys first tactic, they quickly changed strategy and headed for the lily pads. The change of scenery quickly paid off with the lads snagging their first fish for the comp.

After what it would seem to non-fisherman as VERY long time on the water, the siren sounded signally time was up, points were tallied and here’s how it went down…. 

Well down boys. Reigning champs Team BCF may have taken this round but our boys don’t shy awake from a challenge! The Hook, Line and Link-ers are back for round 2 this Saturday at 5:00pm on Ten Bold. 

While you wait for the next ep to air, check out the teams socials.


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