Round 2: The Australian Fishing Championships

Round 2: The Australian Fishing Championships

The Jack Link’s underdogs face off against the locals, Team Firefly. Will pure carnivorous determination be enough to push the Hook, Line and Link-ers past the finish line? Check it out here on Ten Play. 

Following a defeat in round 1 the Hook, Line and Link-ers needed to win this round to make it past the qualifiers. Battling against Team Firefly would be a daunting challenge with competitor Daniel Grech knowing all the local tricks. 

Not leaving anything to Chance the Jack Link’s boys went straight for the Shag birds again. As mentioned in last weeks recap – the Shag birds eat the little fish, the Shag birds poop, the Sooty Grunters eat the Shag poop, then we eat the Sooty Grunters. And that is the incomplete circle of life. Isn’t nature beautiful.

The boys had a massive bite on their second cast, snapping the line. There were big fish out there but nothing in the bag yet.

Team Firefly came into this round with a strong home advantage and they did not disappoint. Following Daniel’s lead, the boys quickly bagged four Sootys.

From there the lads were just chasing upgrades.

Meanwhile the Hook, Line and Link-ers had managed to pull in one Sooty but had been out of luck for one and a half hours. 

With Team Firefly’s total hitting nine, things weren’t looking good for Jack Link’s.

Feeling the pressure, the Hook, Line and Link-ers had one option left. Mind games.

Flying past Team Firefly, the lads bluffed that they had caught some monsters. Planting the seed of self doubt. That’s some art of war level manoeuvring.

With the day nearly coming to a close, the Jack Link’s boys needed to pull it all together. Switching up their spot they managed to pull in a massive Sooty straight off the bat and with minutes remaining they went on to pull in SEVEN more fish!

With the sirens sounding the Jack Link’s boys ended up with 9 and Team Firefly finished with 12.




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Here are the results:

Well done lads, it was an incredible effort from both sides. Team Firefly put up some incredible numbers and it’ll be crazy to see what happens when these blokes face off with Team BCF this Saturday at 5pm on Ten Bold.

Wanna see what the Jack Link’s lads are up to post AFC? Check out their socials while you wait for the next episode.


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