Round 3: The Australian Fishing Championships

Round 3: The Australian Fishing Championships

Two Goliaths battle on the waters of Mackay. Who will win? The reigning champs or the experienced locals. Check it out here on Ten Play.

Team BCF and Team Firefly were out to have a bit of fun as they would both progress to the grand final after this round, no matter the outcome. Although the stakes were low, this round would serve as a valuable warm up to the grand final, allowing the teams to size up their opponents and get their head in the game.

The start of the round sounded and the lads were off. Off in the same direction. Both Team BCF and Team Firefly were headed for the same spots and they were racing nose to nose to get there first.

The BCF boys landed the first spot leaving Team Firefly to take a spot towards the back of the dam.

Winning their boat race, team BCF were the first to wet their lines, targeting the Shag birds first. Conditions were perfect but the fish just weren’t biting.

Meanwhile Team Firefly revisited an old spot and had managed to pull in their first Sooty of the round. Soon after they had another two fish in the boat, leaving them one off a full bag.

Back on Team BCF’s side the lads stood in silence, Sooty-less and beginning to feel the pressure. With one tree left, this spot was looking to be quite the dud. But on that last cast Dean managed to pull in a heavy Sooty. It was more fat than long but it was a fish to add to the bag!

Hitting up a new spot, Team BCF hooked up another massive fish. This one looked like it could be the biggest Sooty in AFC history.. It was big but not a Sooty. The lads had hooked a 60cm Sleepy Cod. An impressive fish worth exactly zero points!

Around the same time Team Firefly managed to hit their 4 fish bag limit and hook another TEN Sootys!

With Team BCF in quite the pickle they had to make something happen and they had to do it quick. The lads headed for a rock face that had saved them in last years AFC. Casting at the lucky rock, Dean quickly hooked a Sooty. And another.. And another. Just as Team BCF pulled in their fourth the sirens sounded.

Team Firefly ended the round with 14 sooty and Team BCF ended it with just 4.




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Here are the results:

Incredible performance from the locals, Team Firefly! We’re sure Team BCF is gonna come back with everything they’ve got. Make sure you tune in this Saturday at 5pm on Ten Bold where the lads will be chasing some hard hitting Barra.

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