AFC 15 Grand Final: The Battle for Barra

AFC 15 Grand Final: The Battle for Barra

Team Firefly and Team BCF went head to head in the AFC15 Grand Final. Check it out here.

This time around, the Sooty fish we have come to know and love were cast aside and the lads were set out to chase Barramundi. A fish prized for its size, fighting spirit and it’s exceptional contributions towards fish and chips.

Excellent with salt and lemon.

Following a big victory last week, Team Firefly were confident heading into this round but their first spot came up empty. Bouncing around to a few new spots the lads finally got into the groove and pulled in their first Barra. Shortly after they had their second Barra in the boat. Things were looking good! Team Firefly’s early triumph and cheery mood would however, be subject to a rude awakening.

After a crushing defeat last round, the BCF boys were out for blood. Seeing Team Firefly pull in a couple Barra, the BCF boys began a slow encroachment into their opponent fishing territory. A bold move – we like it #feedyourwildside! 

Keeping their cool, Team Firefly decided to respond with a stern “maaate… come on”. This move was super effective, shaming the BCF boys into moving on to their next spot. Good thing Team Firefly didn’t have to resort to hurling loose objects.

Moving on to their next spot Team BCF started to receive some good karma for bowing out. They quickly bagged their first Barra of the comp. It was tiny but a whole lot better than nothing.

Meanwhile Team Firefly had hit a bit of a dry spell as they moved onto a new spot. With no luck here they decided to change spots again. Again there was nothing. Moving once more, Team Firefly was beginning to feel the heat. They tried 5 different spots but nothing was biting. Casting out onto their 6th spot and WHAM. Their 3rd Barra hit and was quickly bagged.

On the other end of the dam the BCF boys were back to there superstitious rituals  “ringing the dinner bell”. As usual, their voodoo magic worked like a charm and they quickly bagged their 4 fish.

Soon after the horn sounded, signalling the end of the Australian Fishing Championships Grand Final.

Here’s how it went:




Spoilers ahead




The Grand Final goes to Team BCF! Congratulations lads.

great comp lads!

And that’s a wrap… or is it? Tune in Saturday at 5pm for the AFC legends match. Watch cricketing legend Andrew Symonds and rugby champ Matt Sing battle it out for some hard hitting Barra.

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