Beach Rugby Australia 2020: Beefed up players, beefier jerky

Beach Rugby Australia 2020: Beefed up players, beefier jerky

The weather gods certainly didn’t disappoint at the first Beach Rugby Championship of the year. Townsville provided the SUN, the FUN, BIG HITS, and plenty of BEEF JERKY over the weekend, with Rugby League all-stars JT and Lote Tuqiri taking part at the Northern Australian Beach Rugby Championships.

He may be known for his iconic ‘kookaburra’ laugh, but JT busted out his trademark footwork – sand between his toes.

Eager beach rugby young guns also weren’t afraid to put on display their signature tackles and sidesteps for the full house crowd… giving the rugby league pros a run for their money!

The MAIN HIGHLIGHT was of course the Beach Bar and the Jack Link’s sampling galore. How could  you say no to the countless beef jerky whilst having continuous beers or crisp Pimm’s with your mates on a pristine sunlit day? (YOU COULDN’T HAVE!)

The fast-paced action day didn’t just attract the crowds of Townsville, but also gained over $2,000 for the Townsville Hospital Foundation.

What’s better yet, is that we have 2 more BIGGER and BEEFIER Beach Rugby Tournaments happening this year – so stay tuned so you can join in the action!


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