From beef to bite – How we make the best damn snack on the shelf

From beef to bite – How we make the best damn snack on the shelf

Ever wanted to know how we make the best snack around? Well it’s really quite simple. High quality ingredients + hard work + generational wisdom = perfectly crafted Jerky.

It starts with the beef

We carefully select high quality grass fed beef. Meaning the end product will be hella tasty and also higher in good stuff like omega-3, vitamins A, E and antioxidants. Nothing but the best for our carnivores.

Now that we’ve got some next-level beef, we have to make it even better! We do this in three steps that happen to begin with S. Oh how so many great things start with S – steak, sport, Straya. 


The premium grass fed beef is sliced and any excess fat is trimmed – ensuring every piece is picture perfect. No grizzly bits, no worries. 


The slices of beef are then marinated in our signature blend of seasonings. This enhances the beefy goodness and helps jerky stay awesome for longer. What’s in our signature blend? Nice try pal, you’ll have a better chance getting the colonel’s recipe! 


Once the beef is well marinated it’s then slowly smoked over hardwood. The smoke adds to the classic flavour and is a crucial step for preserving and cooking the beef. 

The end result

So you take premium grass fed beef, slice it, season it and smoke it to perfection. What do you get? Well apart from being the tastiest snack on the shelf, Jack Link’s is also great for you and perfect in any scenario. Whether you’re tackling a multi-day hike or settling in for a multi movie marathon – Jack never lets you down.

Whilst your here, do yourself a favour and check out some beef jerky’s nutritional benefits!

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