#uncaged X #feedyourwildside equals…

#uncaged X #feedyourwildside equals…

… a match made in jerky heaven! Yep, you guessed it – we’re pumped that Brisbane Lions have joined the wild side again!

Fun fact – The Brisbane Lions were formed on 4 July, 1996, when the AFL approved a merger between the Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions. It was the first union of two clubs in VFL/AFL history!

Our 2021 boys have waisted no time raiding the jerky & biltong supplies, and who can blame them – Jack Link’s is a damn healthy snacking choice!

Don’t believe us, check out this totally in the moment pic.


When beef jerky is that good, you don't share.

Don’t worry, for the hardcore footy fans out there we haven’t gone behind the team dietician’s back and snuck jerky into their diet. We’re dietician approved!

“Jack Link’s provides our athletes a healthy way to snack, whilst providing quality, low fat source of protein. This aids in athlete’s recovery & muscle rebuild in an easy snack, which can be eaten any time, whether post game, travelling, post gym or keeping as a general snack when required.”

Damian Austin, High Performance Manager, Brisbane Lions.

Fans too wanted in on the action and we weren’t going to deny them, samples for all!!!!!!

We’re only just getting started. Keep an eye out over the next few months for more sampling opportunities and who knows, we may sneak in a competition too.

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