Jack Link’s disrupts local beer festival with star ingredient, Camilla Cow

Jack Link’s disrupts local beer festival with star ingredient, Camilla Cow

Melbourne’s devoted beer drinkers were left star-struck last weekend when Camilla Cow, Jack Link’s latest meatfluencer, made her public debut at the Great Australasian Beer Spectacular at Carlton’s Royal Exhibition Buildings.

Sitting almost 170cms tall and weighing over 80kgs, Camilla was quite an unexpected sight nestled amongst hay bales in her pristine New Zealand landscape surrounded by scores of inner-city pop-up bars and craft breweries.

Designed and created by Scarecrow Studios, Australia’s premiere movie special effects company, Camilla took five weeks to create from initial concept through to her final splash of lip-gloss.

Beginning her humble life as a huge mound of rigid urethane foam, Camilla was carved, shaped and hand sculpted by special make-up effect artist Larry Duynhoven and several assistants in between takes of AMC’s Preacher, currently filming Season 4 in Melbourne.

Scarecrow Studios have been the special effects team behind movies such as Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, Cargo and more recently, Upgrade, for which Larry was nominated for Best Hair and Makeup at the AACTA Awards.


It took the team 200 hours in total to bring Camilla to life, using good old-fashioned movie-industry techniques such as clay sculpting, silicone and plaster mould-making, foam and silicone latexes, silicone gel, hand painting and airbrushing, ‘flocking’ – which is the application of hair and fur using a special air gun and glue at high speeds – and more. The end result was nothing short of show-stopping for Jack Link’s.

“It’s weird but I kinda like it!” said one festival goer.

“Wow, can I get a photo?!” asked another.

Approximately 24,000 people attended GABS over the weekend, with thousands stopping at the Jack Link’s Meat & Greet Camilla stand to take a picture with her. Scores of Camilla’s newest fans submitted their selfies online to enter our social competition, where the funniest entry was selected at the end of the festival. The lucky winner, Philip, took home the grand prize of a Webber BBQ, three months worth of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, and Camilla’s heart*, of course.


*Not literally, vegans. Not literally.

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