Chandler Burns VIC State Championship Wrap Up!

Chandler Burns VIC State Championship Wrap Up!


Chandler has just finished competing in rounds 3 and 4 of the VIC State Motocross Championships, and we couldn’t be more proud!

We are honoured to stand beside this 17-year-old as he continues to learn from each race he competes. Two rounds, four days, and eight races later, and he still hasn’t broken a bone.

Must be all the protein he’s getting from Jack Link’s jerky! (Too forced? Too forced.) #ShamefulAdvertising

Preparing for the race ahead

And now for a recap from Round 3! 

Round 3 didn’t go quite as planned as Chandler came in 5th and 6th, respectively, in his races Saturday.

However, he returned Sunday with his fighting spirit and will to persevere and came in 4th in the first race of the day! A nasty fall right out of the gate on Sunday’s second race left him a bit further behind, but he finished the day with his head held high and lots of lessons learned.

We can all imagine how a fall would be less than ideal, but Chandler’s positive attitude and teachable personality found the good in it. He looked forward to Round 4 of the championships where he planned on using what he learned from Round 3 to pull ahead!

Making this challenging turn look easy

Round 4!!  

Round 4 at Albury was full of highs and lows! Chandler rode well in some races with some good speed, had some crashes and bad luck with a chain coming off in the second moto on Saturday. He went 4,4,4 on Sunday, which is a huge accomplishment! He says he’s “taking away a bunch of positives and a few things to work on moving forward!”

We have no doubt Chandler’s raw skill and talent will take him far in the coming races in Connondale and Maitland in the National MX Championships!

We are packing our bags full of jerky for the weekends full of moto events this July!

Putting on a show!

Don’t miss any of the action! See below for a list of upcoming races and dates.

Aus National Motocross Championships 2018

July 1st Connondale

July 14th Maitland

July 15th Maitland

August 5th Gladstone

August 12th Coolum

More info on these race days visit:

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