8 Wild (Or just plain weird) Christmas Traditions From Around The World

8 Wild (Or just plain weird) Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas is nigh, which means bring on stuffing ourselves silly and then regretting how much we ate while soaking up the rays down to the beach! But, did you know that much of the world would consider this absolutely bonkers!

Why? Well let’s look at some of the more ‘interesting’ Christmas traditions from around the world and we will be the judge of what is bonkers!

1. Hanging Pickles From The Christmas Tree (USA)

Most people hang ornaments. But did you know there’s a significant group of people from the US that hang pickles on their tree? No one really knows the origin of this bizarre tradition, but I can tell you one thing, we prefer hanging Jack Link’s from our tree! 

2. Krampus – Bad Santa (Europe)

Over in Europe you’ll find young men dressed as “Krampus”, a half-goat, half-demon figure who, during the Christmas season, punish misbehaving children. Now that’s one way to get children across from the naughty list to the nice! 

3. KFC = Kentucky For Christmas (Japan)

In Japan, you’ll find millions indulging in a bit of KFC on Christmas day. In-fact KFC is so popular during Christmas, you’ll have to order your meal a week in advance!

4. Hide Yo Brooms (Norway)

Head to Norway and you won’t find a broom in sight. Why? Well it’s believed that on Christmas Eve, witches come to wreak havoc and then steal brooms to make their hasty getaway. Probably best to hide your jerky as well!

5. Roller Skating (Venezuela)

On Christmas day, the people of Venezuela jump out of bed and lace up their roller skates. The roads are closed and everyone hits the streets for a day of festivities and wheel-y good times. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. 

6. Big straw goat vandalism (Sweden)

Each year in Sweden a giant goat made from hay is erected in the lead up to Christmas. The goat is supposed to stand until the New Year however it’s become a bit of a tradition to try burn the bugger down. Despite threats of jail time and $15,000 fines the goat has been burned down 36 times since it’s conception in 1966.

It’s good to know we all have unique ways of celebrating the end of the year, oh and not to mention we’re all a little wild!

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