Jack Link’s vs Those Other Couch Snacks

Jack Link’s vs Those Other Couch Snacks

When you’re not feeding your wild side perhaps you’re embracing the couch for a quick 3 hour feature, binge watching the latest Netflix release or buckling down for a bit of “light” gaming. All of the above calls for a snack!

But carnivores, not all couch snacks are created equal. 


Ahhhh lollies. A childhood classic… Because let’s face it, children have garbage taste! Put down the sugar and it’s nasty sugar crashes for a snack that’ll have your couch potato back. 

Jerky gives you a flavour boost without the sugar crash! So you might actually make it to the end of your film.

Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream… for a better couch snack than ice cream! 

Okay fine, we admit it, ice cream goes alright. In-fact it goes even better when mixed with jerky. But ice cream makes a less than ideal couch snack. That’s because it needs to be consumed in under 15 minutes – otherwise you’ll be eating ice cream soup. And any couch connoisseur knows a session under 15 minutes is no couch session at all!  

Plus don’t get us started on those pesky brain freezes.


Popcorn. More like pop-yawn… Sorry. 

But the argument stands, popcorn is undeniably boring! And if you have a boring snack then you’re doomed to have a boring couch session as well. 

There’s really only one way to make popcorn bearable and that’s with the magic of  melted butter. But guess what bucko. Buttery popcorn means buttery fingers. So say goodbye to console gaming or using your remote!

If you’re planning to spend some quality time on the couch, you know what to do.
Whilst your here, do yourself a favour and check out some beef jerky’s nutritional benefits!

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