Jack Link’s – The World’s Favourite Meat Snack

Jack Link’s – The World’s Favourite Meat Snack

Jack Link’s is the world’s most popular meat snack. But it has a heap of interesting dried meat companions from around the world. Here’s some of the wildest and most iconic ones.

Ch’arki (South America)

If biltong is jerky’s big brother then Ch’arki is its grand pop. In fact, the word jerky comes from the South American word Ch’arki. Typically made from Llama or alpaca this stuff is huge, with Peru producing over 450 tons each year. 


Bakkwa (China)

Heading over to China you’ll find a salty and sweet dried meat that goes by the name Bakkwa. This stuff is made from pork, beef or mutton and is prepared with sugar, spices and soy sauce before drying. 


Bündnerfleisch (Sweden)

Known for vikings, flat-pack furniture and being bloody cold – You wouldn’t exactly expect Sweden to be producing its own variety of dried meat but they pulled it off. Unlike all the other dried meats on this list, bündnerfleisch is dried at close to freezing point temperatures. 


Droëwors (South Africa)

South Africans are famous for their dried meats (see Biltong) and Droëwors are essentially the twiggy sticks of South Africa. Sausages mixed with a variety of spices and dried to perfection.


All around the world meat lovers have been enjoying dried meat as a tasty treat, celebratory snack or as fuel for adventure. Millions more carry on the tradition with Jack Link’s.

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