The Boys Are Back In Town.

The Boys Are Back In Town.

Summer has well and truly arrived, meaning the Edwards boys are back on the speedway (And causing all sorts of mischief).

Round 1

The speedway young guns Brock and Chevy made their debut this season in Hamilton, Victoria. A place famous for its wool but as you’ll find out, the lads were far from sheepish. 

Chevy had a favourable start in 7th position and took 2nd place by the end of the first heat and then brought it home for 1st in the second heat. In the final feature race, Chevy finished strong with the win! Hell of an effort carnivore! 

Brock had a less favourable start, bouncing between position 5 and 4 the whole race. In the last lap Brock finished strong in 4th – just shy of the podium.

Round 2

After their strong performance in round one, the lads were eager to get back on the speedway and chase another win! They got their chance in Warrnambool and it appeared that their enthusiasm paid off. 

Chevy took the win in the first round and after doing so, he took the checkered flagged and waved it at the crowd. Unfortunately, the officials did not appreciate this enthusiastic gesture and Chevy was disqualified from that race. 

From there it was quite the roller coaster race with Brock finishing in 2nd place and Chevy in 6th. Neither of the cars were majorly damaged and at the end of the day, it was an excellent effort from both the Edwards brothers.

Stay tuned next year to see the lads race again this Australia day.


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