Edwards clean up on the raceway

Edwards clean up on the raceway

The Edwards late model racers have been hard at work cleaning off their rigs, and cleaning up on the raceway.

The Edwards brothers are known for being absolute guns on the raceway, producing some brilliant late model entertainment. But these last few months of racing they have really accelerated their performances! And one thing’s for sure, once you get a taste of victory (or a taste of Jack Link’s for that matter), you can’t stop.

Starting at the Bairnsdale speedway Brock and Chevy were quick to show they meant business, taking out the top two positions. With their trophies in hand the lads had their eyes on the next set of giant gold cups.

The next challenge was a two-nighter in Rosedale at the Olsson Heavy Haulage Late Model Cup. The lads hit the ground running, finishing up with top positions in the heat. This left them at the front of the pack for the feature race. 

When the flag dropped there was no brotherly love, they were at it against each other to take out the title. Chevy was determined to steal the lead off Brock, but Brock managed to hold him off and take the win.

With a couple great wins under their belts the brothers were ready for the big one, The Victorian Title. This race was particularly important because Chevy is the defending champion and there were 20 other drivers after the number 1 on his car.

Things were looking good from the start with Chevy finishing up 2nd in the heat, giving him a great starting position for the feature. After a salute to the crowd the boys were off and fighting for number 1. But that’s when things went south. A few laps in Chevy had to pull off to the side. A flat tire had taken his chances for the title… but at least they were able to share some of Jack Link’s finest.

Undeterred by their bad luck the lads made their way to the next race a week later in Horsham. Brock had made his late model debut on this very track 8 years ago and the boys had not been back since. Perhaps this was a good luck omen because they snagged another win with Chevy taking 1st and Brock 2nd!

With luck back on their side the Edwards brothers had one last race in Moama, a place named after the indigenous word for burial ground. A fitting name as you will find out.

The race started well and as Chevy was in 2nd place, the leaders tyre blew out giving Chevy 1st position. Chevy’s position wouldn’t last though, because his tyre blew out shortly after. Perhaps Brock could come in now and claim the win? Nope, he lost his tyres as well. All in all it was a tough day for tyres. RIP tyres.

With the season brought to an early end to embrace social distancing,  we can now sit back and reflect on what certainly has been an exciting last few months. Hopefully with a few less tyre blowouts we’ll see Chevy reclaim number 1, or will next season be the seson of Brock?

Until then, stock up on jerky and embrace social distancing!

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