A cracker of a race!

A cracker of a race!

The Edwards Motorsport team arrived to a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Not a raindrop in sight… thank-you Mother-Nature!

No time to mess around, we get straight into the good stuff, tearing up the track! Brock started off in the front row, once the green flag dropped he went flat out and got past the pole sitter in turn one and held the lead for the whole TEN LAPS! He gained more and more distance between himself and the other cars with every lap. It was an incredible start to the night!

Weekend well spent!

Unfortunately, despite this amazing start, getting a heat win under his belt and those valuable points it all came a bit undone in the second heat.

On the start, brock got up to a brilliant second but the yellows were turned on so time for take 2.Again, the re-start was also good with Brock once again getting up to second but… the yellows were turned on again.

Onto take 3.

Yet again, Brock was doing brilliantly, until lap 4 where he hit a big rut, breaking his right front suspension.

The crew got cracking on it right away, trying their hardest to make it back in time but unfortunately time and tide wait for no man, especially at a race track! Sadly the gates were closed before the repairs could be completed.

Team work makes the dream work!


So along with the highs, there was unfortunately some lows, but overall it was a great night!  The team is now busily preparing the car for the big one, The Victorian Late Model Championship!! It’s going to be awesome with plenty more jerky samples to be handed out! #feedyourwildside

Protein snack for champions!
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