The Edwards brothers are back!

The Edwards brothers are back!

The Edwards brothers are back to fuelling their wild side with Jack Link’s for the 2017-2018 season.
We’re pretty excited to have this dynamic duo back….. yep, check out how good these late models look!

Green or orange? We can decide!

Okay, were pretty excited too about the boys signing up with us again for another year of down and dirty racing action!

If you are just seeing this for the first time you might be wondering what this late model business is all about. Quick rundown. A Late Model is a purpose built, left hand drive race car. Majority of cars are sourced directly from America, they have a huge power to weight ratio with cars having 900-950hp but only weighing about 1,000kg, this makes them the fastest sedan racing category in Speedway. Basically loud, fast and they have some serious attitude as they zip around the outdoor dirt track!

See what i'm talking about!

The 2017-18 season is well underway and the brothers are back to doing what they love!
A great result to start off Edwards Motorsport’s season with Chevy charging hard to hunt down the leader in round 1’s final but it wasn’t to be and he crossed the line to take 2nd place on the podium.

Brock’s didn’t get to take his late model out for a spin until round 2 due to the motor still being finished, but not to worry as there are still plenty more rounds of racing to be had!


Nice work Chevy on taking out 2nd place!

The engine trouble curse unfortunately has continued through the first four rounds with the Rushworth Speedway meet seeing Chevy’s car out and Brock’s in… but with Chevy!?

Brock gave Chevy the best 21st weekend by stepping aside and letting the birthday boy race… now that is brotherly love… cue awe moment.

Chevey finished the night 4th and celebrated his well earned place with the best cake ever!!!!


Chevy's Late Model... this one you can eat!

Next meet is happening this Saturday at Premier Speedway Warrnambool and then there is only one more race to go before the 2018 late model championship!!!

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Starting them young
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