Edwards Lads Smash Their Opposition And Their Cars (kind of)

Edwards Lads Smash Their Opposition And Their Cars (kind of)

The Edwards boys are back in the shed after an exciting, triumphant and destructive couple races.


Let’s start with the Heartland Moama Raceway. Also home to the Murray Paddle Steamer, for those of you who live life a little slower. Not too sure why you’d be here but let’s move on!

Following two rescheduled races, the lads were keen to shake off the cobwebs and get behind the wheel again. After qualifying, Chevy and Brock started the first heat in 2nd and 4th position respectively.

They managed to retain those positions during the first heat with little disturbance. Their next heat wouldn’t go quite as smoothly. Brock’s car went on to overheat and Chevy’s differential (the thing with gears that helps the car turn or something) broke, leaving him to crawl across the finish line at paddle boat speeds.

With Chevy out of the race, Brock was left to tackle the final on his own. By the first lap he had claimed 2nd position but was followed closely by the 3rd and 4th racers. The leader ended up breaking down in the middle of the track, allowing Brock to snag 1st place.

Brock maintained his position in 1st place right up until the final lap when the 2nd place racer made a bold move cutting around the outside of Brock on the final turn. From there it was a drag race to the finish line.

Brock lost out by 0.3 seconds.

A few weeks later the lads found themselves in Alexandra. Not for the famous tram museum or the annual rose festival but to get back out on the speedway.

During the first heat Chevy’s car was involved in a lift bar incident resulting in destruction of the car’s back end.

In a display of brotherly love Brock offered his car so Chev could race in the second heat. Chevy didn’t let this opportunity go to waste, starting at the rear and finishing in 1st for the second heat.

Chevy managed to snag 2nd place in the final giving the lads a silver each over the last two races.

For now the Edwards boys will be putting in a few more hours in the shed to get their cars fixed up for their last race of the season – The Victorian Title.

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