Edwards Motorsport

Edwards Motorsport

Victorian Late Model Speedway State Titles  


Edwards Motorsport brothers Brock and Chevy fueled their wild side at the recent Victorian Late Model Speedway State Titles.
It was a ripper of a night! We had some awesome Jack Link’s girls handing out heaps of Jerky samples for the spectators; because let’s be honest, what’s better than snacking on the goods whilst watching the Jack Link’s speedway cars tearing up the track?!
With 19 cars in the race, it was sure to be an interesting ride… The night was off to a promising start in the heats with Chevy coming in 2nd and Brock 6th. Unfortunately, one the Edwards brothers ran into a little bit of trouble in the second heat! It’s pretty wild out there on the track and Chevy unfortunately, suffered a major technical issue with his car that saw him out for the rest of the night. Brock managed to get through unscathed and finished in 3rd!  

Cars getting prepped in the pits

Brock headed into the 30 lap final feeling strong and had a great finish in 9th position – top 10! We are loving watching the Edwards boys rip it up during their 2016-2017 season and look forward to their next event on Jan 28th. Good luck guys!

Check out Chevy’s Go Pro footage from inside one of the Late Models on the night!

Chevy's Go Pro
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