5 Awesome Things To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

5 Awesome Things To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday we thought we’d put together a quick gift list to help out any unorganised carnivores.

  1. 1. A beer stein

A beer stein is the second best vessel to consume beer from – the first being a viking horn. Even if you fill it with warm milk – your dad is still gonna feel like a badass.

  1. 2. An experience 

Create some awesome memories by sharing an experience! Here’s some ideas:

  • Fishing trip (grab your rods, a few beers & a pack of jerky – sorted)
  • Rally driving and racing
  • Paintballing 
  • Cage dive with sharks and crocs
  • Aerobatic Aeroplane Flight

  1. 3. Socks & jocks

  2. It’s a classic. Not the most exciting thing but bloody helpful. No one wants to buy socks for themselves but nothing beats a fresh pair!

  1. 4. An axe

  2. An axe is a very versatile tool that every father should have in their arsenal. From chopping down trees to chopping up tress to throwing the axe at trees. The options are limitless! 

  1. 5. Jack Link’s

  2. Grab your dad a beefy supply of Jack Link’s so he can keep up all the good work. Whether he’s mowing the lawn, watching the footy or with a boxing kangaroo – a pack of Jack never lets you down.

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