GoFish Nagambie!

GoFish Nagambie!

Fresh from the AFC15 Championships our resident fisherman Matt and Mitch took to Nagambie!

What’s in Nagambie you might say? Just Australia’s richest ever native fishing competition  – GoFish Nagambie! The 3-day comp gives fisherman of all strengths a chance to win $500K!

Our boys Matt Langford and Mitch Cone took to the challenge and joined over 2000 fisherman to fight it out for top spot! 

Looking good boys!

They say the early bird catches the worm and boy do fisherman get up early! Surely you can #feedyourwildside more on the 5pm side of things and not 5am!


The early hour doesn’t phase our boys though. They are as dedicated to fishing as they are to beef jerky!
Cod, carp, golden perch, redfin – they boys fished up a storm and overall out of 2607 competitors and 1000 boats (what a sight that would have been to see) Mitch finished in 86th and Matt in 103rd.

Nice catch!

Hours on the water not your thing? That’s OK, we had the land covered too! Hundreds of tasty packs of beef jerky was handed out to fellow wild carnivores as the wandered around the festival enjoying the fishing expo.

Thank’s boys for taking Jack Link’s on another epic adventure on the water – until next time!

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