Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 3

Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 3

The Claw


Ex co-hosts Ox and Marco are back with the third instalment of the Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge. This one is a game of real skill, talent and sheer determination.



We are all familiar with the arcade claw machine that is host to those worthless, yet extremely tempting, stuffed toys and prizes. Well we stuffed one full of jack Link’s Jerky! Who will be able to successfully nab the most meat?  Marco’s armed with his custom-made golf glove – he reckons this will help his chances! Watch the challenge and find out!


Jack Link's Jerky Challenge Round 3


Plus, we have an awesome competition with the guys at SEN1116. You could WIN a year’s supply of Jack Link’s jerky! All your jerky dreams could come true very soon. Enter now on the SEN website: www.sen.com.au


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