Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 4

Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 4

Jerky Pong


Ex co-hosts Ox and Marco are back again with the next round of the Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge! In this round, the guys will battle it off in JERKY PONG! We are sure the guys have had plenty of practice with this one….

OX and Marco think they know Jerky Pong?

The rules are simple: just shoot a ball into the opponent’s cup. Well… it may sound easy …. but it’s NOT! After taking a loss to OX last round, Marko is keen to fight back. Like golf, this is another game of technique and accuracy – can Marko put his professional golf skills to good use? Watch the challenge and find out


Don’t forget – this is your LAST CHANCE to enter the Jack Link’s SEN competition – Win a year’s supply of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky! Enter on the SEN website until the 29th of August www.sen.com.au

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