Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 2

Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge – Round 2

SEN1116 ex co-hosts battle it off in the Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge!

Round 2 of the Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge

OX and Marko were once co-hosts on The Run Home for SEN1116 sports radio station. Now they have split up…. and are bitter rivals! Ox and Marko are battling it off in the JACK LINKS JERKY CHALLENGE! Fuelled with Jack Link’s Jerky, they will participate in a series of sports to see who will take out the Jerky Challenge title and the accompanying ultimate bragging rights. Which one will channel their inner Sasquatch and take out the title?

Marko took out Round 1 in the putting challenge and is keen to continue his winning streak. Round 2 sees the guys their luck at AFL. How difficult can kicking a footy into a Wheelie bin be? A lot harder than you think…..

Marko won Round 1- can he keep the title belt in Round 2?

For those who missed Round 1, check out ex professional golf player, Marko take out Ox in a putting challenge!

Round 1 of the Jack Link’s Jerky Challenge
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