Jack Link’s vs Other Sport Sideline Snacks

Jack Link’s vs Other Sport Sideline Snacks

We love having a pack of Jack when going to live games, but how does it stack up against the top 3 sideline snacks?

The Meat Pie

They’re a treasured part of Australian culture and by all means we are not disrespecting the almighty #beef meat pie. But when you’re at a live game meat pies can present a number of challenges. 

For starters, you’ll be stuck in a food queue missing out on the very reason you went to a game in the first place. Time spent waiting in queues is time spent not embracing your wild side and screaming at your team to kick that damn goal!

You’ll also be at odds against the molten hot contents of the meat pie itself. 

Save yourself the stress and the third degree burns – pack some Jack Link’s, sit back and enjoy the game.

Hot Dogs In A Thermos

So you’ve found a way to skip the line and embrace your inner carnivore. Well done – we salute you and your dedication. But mate, are you going to the footy or going on a picnic? 

  • A big old thermos 
  • Buns
  • Hotdogs
  • Sauce
  • Tongs 

You’ll need a bloody 70L Kathmandu Backpack just to get yourself a feed of mystery meat.

A pack of Jack Link’s works in the opposite way. We fit 130g worth of premium New Zealand beef into a 50g pack of Jack Link’s!


We don’t mind chips. Sure, they have their place in the snacking ecosystem. Morsels of potato fried beyond recognition, what’s not to love…

You know what we hate though. The pitiful chip dust you get when you pull your pack of chips out of your bag at a game. These fragile potato fragments simply aren’t designed to survive any journey worth a damn! Plus you’ll be hungry again after an hour.

Jack Link’s though. Throw the stuff off a building and you’ve still got a delicious protein packed snack waiting for you on the other side.

Next time you’re off to a live game or planning a night on the couch make sure you’re prepared with the ultimate sports snack! Find your favourites here.

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