Suck Knuckle Smokers show their skill on the grill

Suck Knuckle Smokers show their skill on the grill

Meatstock Melbourne – Where Melbournians go to atone for avocado lattes and where the Suck Knuckle Smokers go to create carnivorous goodness.


This year our favourite BBQ team, Suck Knuckle Smokers competed in the Culley’s King of the Que event as a part of Meatstock Melbourne.

It went well.

What’s the King of the Que? Steak, burgers, wings and bacon – Grilled over gas, charcoal, electric or fire. The tastiest bites win trophies. The Suck Knuckle Smokers brought home a few more trophies.

A few more trophies for the collection.

Craig snagged 2nd place with his Krispy Kreme burger and 5th place with some delicious candy bacon donuts. Donuts and BBQ. Brilliant on their own and bloody magical together.

Michelle came through strong placing equal 1st for her rib eye steak (She’s also the first female in Australia to do so) and 3rd for her maple bacon cheesecake. Congratulations on making BBQ history Michelle! #girlpower

It was a really great performance from the team and we look forward to seeing what the next carnivorous delights will be! In the meantime, keep your eyes on the steak cookoff associations leaderboard. You might see one of our finest getting closer to the top.

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