Jack Link’s – The Ultimate Post Workout Fuel

Jack Link’s – The Ultimate Post Workout Fuel

Lifting weights? Bodybuilding? Powerlifting? Pumping iron?

Jack never lets you down.

You’ve just finished a long session of lifting big heavy disks of steel stacked on either side of a steel bar. As you complete your last set, you know you are one step closer to your ultimate goal. Lifting even larger and heavier bits of steel. For now though, you are wrecked and need to re-fuel.

Low blood sugar has you stumbling around as though you’re in some type of hypoglycemia fuelled spirit journey. But you’re not looking for a vision quest. You need a protein packed post gym snack!

Grab yourself a pack of Jack and down that sucker – You’ve earned it. Jack Link’s is low GI meaning it’ll give you back your energy and keep you level for longer.

Now that you’re starting to feel more like yourself, you can start thinking about all the protein you’ve just had as well. As you may know, protein is an essential building block for muscle – meaning workouts + beef jerky = gains. You’ll also get a bunch of other good stuff as well including: vitamin B12, iron & zinc.

When it comes to fuelling your gym recovery, Jack never lets you down.

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