Protein – More than meats the eye

Protein – More than meats the eye

By now we’ve all heard of this protein thing and we know Jack Link’s is a great source of the stuff! But did you know protein does more than help buff dudes maintain their buffness? Here’s 7 interesting things about your pal protein.

  1. 1. Protein is number 1!

‘Protein’ comes from the Greek word ‘Proteios’ which means ‘first rank’. This is coming from the people who invented the OLYMPICS!

2. Protein strengthens immune health

Getting a generous helping of dietary protein will give you the best chance at keeping your immune system healthy and strong.

3. Protein keeps you fuller for longer

Eating protein helps keep your appetite in check. Making it the go to snack to help you power through a long day in the office or when embracing your wild side.

4. It’s a pretty awesome energy source

Protein takes longer to break down than carbohydrates, thus providing you with longer lasting energy.

Wild side fact: A few hundred years ago adventurers would take beef jerky on their voyages as a nutritious and resilient food source.

5. Increases muscle mass & strength

If you’re looking to build muscle or strength, protein plays a vital role in muscle growth, repair and maintenance.

  1. 6. Not all proteins are created equal 

Because the protein from meat is more similar to our own protein, we are better able to process meat as opposed to plant based proteins.

  1. 7. Different proteins have different jobs

Proteins work hard for us all day performing important functions from carrying oxygen, keeping our skin healthy, giving the body structure, defending against disease and giving us energy to tackle the day.

Check out how Jack Link’s can help you get the protein you need!

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