The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

It’s that time of the year carnivores! The sun is out and it’s time to hit the road for a drive so long and boring that it evolves into a wild adventure. Will you be ready for your road trip adventure? Damn right you will! Because when it comes to exploring, Jack never lets you down.

Here’s 8 road trip essentials:


⃞ A ripper playlist

It’s not a road trip unless there’s tunes. And the tunes you pick can define your experience. Yep, a playlist is that big of a deal. 

Protip: Match your tunes to your terrain for peak immersion.


⃞ Sunnies

You don’t want to get caught on a long straight stretch looking directly at the sun. But if you do you’ll be bloody glad you packed some sunnies. Plus everyone looks cooler in sunnies.


⃞ Fluids 

Liquids are essential for life. Stay hydrated kids.


⃞ Jerky

A successful road trip needs fuel. Fuel for your car and fuel for you! Luckily, jerky is the best fuel around. Why? Well carnivore, as well as being a tasty treat, the protein in Jack Link’s will keep you fuller for longer. And no nasty sugar crashes! 


⃞ Shovel

If you’re venturing to more treacherous terrain, make sure you got a shovel on hand to dig your car out of any sticky situations. See our camping checklist for the numerous other uses for a shovel.  


⃞ Esky 

The almighty Esky. Keeping your cools cool since the 50s. 


⃞ Beach Towel 

We have over 10,000 beaches in Australia. Chances are, if you’re on a road trip you’re gonna wind up on a few of them. 


⃞ Mates

The most important of all. Because it’s not really a road trip without people to share it with. More essential though, making sure you have a car big enough to fit them all in! 


Now that you’ve gone through the checklist, you can hit the road ready for adventure. And if you’re looking for a few crazy things to hit up on your road trip? Check out our Summer wild side list.?

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