Next Level Jack Link’s & Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Next Level Jack Link’s & Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

The Suck Knuckle Smokers are back and they’re doing big things! Venture further to see their latest triumph and one hell of a jalapeno popper recipe.

The competitive BBQ season is back in action and the Suck Knuckle Smokers are killing it in the steak game! Big ups for taking 1st place for steak and winning the elusive golden ticket.

Let’s celebrate by popping some pinos!

These poppers (devised by the SKS themselves) will show you the meaning of life. They will spark joy you haven’t felt since you were a child. They will mend broken relationships and give you a sense of freedom typically reserved for first time push bike riders.  


Here’s how you make some of the best damn jalapeno poppers around:

  • Grab a pack of jerky – commence consumption of said jerky
  • Grab second pack of jerky – chop into rough jerky sprinkles
  • Cut jalapenos in half – 1 half = 1 popper
  • Fill jalapeno halves with a mixture of cream cheese, your favourite sausage and jerky sprinkles
  • Wrap in bacon – You can make most things better with this step
  • Smoke in the weber for roughly 30 minutes or until they look irresistible

The end result:


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