Jack Link’s Summer Wild Side List

Jack Link’s Summer Wild Side List

Summer is just a few days away! And you know what  that means… it’s prime time to smash some beer, down a pack of jerky and embrace YOUR WILD SIDE (on second thoughts, maybe leave the beer until after some of the things on this list).


Here’s 7 bloody Aussie wild things you can do this summer:


1. Swim with sharks

We’re “girt by sea” and girt by bloody sharks too. Get to know our fishy friends a bit better by swimming alongside them!


2. Sand-boarding

If it was a big NOOO to the sharks, perhaps you’d be up for a bit of sand-boarding. All the fun of surfing with none of the murky waters.


3. Feed some crocs

Back to interacting with apex predators. Get over to some of the warmer states and you can basically hand feed living friggin dinosaurs!


4. Beer can regatta 

Who doesn’t love a cold beer at the beach! Take it to the next level by making a tinnie out of your tinnies at the beer can regatta.


5. See a big thing

Okay, to be honest. Not the wildest thing.. BUT if you fill your car with some good mates, a few packs of Jack and hit the road – we guarantee some craziness will ensue. (examples of ‘big things’ – the giant rocking horse, big banana, etc )


6. Ride a camel

In the 1860s a few blokes with 20,000 camels thought it would be swell to bring the buggers to Australia. Now we have 1.2 million camels. You should ride one!


7. Secret bar

No doubt this summer you will be treating yourself to some Sunday arvo sessions with mates. Do it in secret agent style and head to a hidden bar.

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