Supercross 2019 X Wild Carnivore Chandler Burns

Supercross 2019 X Wild Carnivore Chandler Burns

The Australian Supercross has well and truly kicked off! Let’s see how our Jack Link’s fuelled young gun, Chandler Burns fared once the gate dropped.

Round 1

With this year’s Supercross taking off inside Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre, the lads were lucky they didn’t have to race in the wild Queensland weather. Despite the  issues with the weather not impacting the track , this certainly didn’t make the race any less of a challenge!

With only 10 gates for the main event, only the top 20 from qualifying would make it to the heat races. Combine this with a super tight track and you have quite the competition. 

Unfortunately Chandler lost out by just UNDER A SECOND  in qualifying and would not make it through to the heat races. Although he was disappointed, Chandler being the positive go getter he is, was eager to get back on the bike for round 2.

Round 2

Heading down to Port Adelaide’s Gillman Speedway , Chandler would have a chance to ride on some top quality dirt (7000 tonnes of the stuff!) designed by one of the leading track builders in Australia.

This unique track was an “awesome” experience for Chandler but it did take some getting used to. Nonetheless, Chandler made it through qualifying and progressed through the heat races all the way to the main event.

The main event started off pretty hectic and Chandler got pushed wide amongst the scurry. Two other riders left the track on stretchers and Chandler decided to focus on clean riding for the final laps. Ultimately Chandler finished up in 16th, a strong result and a great improvement on last round!

Out of action

Whilst training for round 3 Chandler had a rough crash, taking a pretty heavy tumble. He’s in good spirits and is hoping to make it back for the final round in Melbourne at the end of this month. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’s back to feeding his wild side as soon as he feels up for it.

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