That’s a wrap – Australian Supercross Championships

That’s a wrap – Australian Supercross Championships

Hello Supercross fans! What a journey. I think we could all agree, with a mindset of “it’s not over, till it’s over” Chandler’s first season of Australian Supercross Championship action was epic to watch!


At a young 16 years of age Chandler competed in a total of 6 rounds against some of the most elite Australian and International riders. Rounds 4 and 5, The AUS X Open, which took place across one weekend in Sydney, gave Chandler a chance to show his stuff to a stadium packed with over 30,000 people!

And show his stuff he did! Chandler made it into both of the nighttime shows – congrats Chandler on achieving what you set out to do that weekend!

The final round, back where it all began in Jimboomba Queensland, saw Chandler competing in the gnarliest conditions…. rain + dirt = mud city. Despite this Chandler placed 13th! #feedyourmuddyside

Where's Chandler?

Plus thanks to Chandler and his team, fans across the supercross season were treated to over 1,200 free packs of delicious Jack Link’s jerky! The little ones just can’t resist.


Thank-you Chandler for letting us be a part of your first supercross season.
Can’t think of a better way to wrap up this blog than a little message from the man himself.

“The Australian Supercross Championship is all done and dusted, over all I wasn’t happy with how I went but that’s just the way it goes sometimes… In saying that I had a lot of fun doing supercross for the first time and I’m definitely going to be doing it in the years to come! We gave out almost all of the boxes of beef jerky through the series and the fans who grabbed some loved it so hopefully they went out and bought some! Thank you for supporting throughout the supercross season and I hope we can work something out to continue the partnership in the future!

Once again thank you for helping me chase my dreams and get myself on the map!”

#feedyourwildside #JackLinksRacing #LiveYourLifestyle #LKI @daveymotorsportsktm  @ktm.australia


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