The Ultimate Grand Final Day BBQ Checklist

The Ultimate Grand Final Day BBQ Checklist

Game-day is fast approaching and we’ve put together a rock-solid checklist to make sure your grand final BBQ doesn’t go to s*&t.


Beer ☑


Beer. Liquid gold. The footies frothy friend. Picture in your head how much you’ll need then double it. Nobody wants a drought mid-way through a quarter.



Ways To Keep Your Beer Cool ☑


Now that you’ve got enough beer, you’ll need somewhere to keep it cold. Treat your beers with as much respect you would a big wig investment fund – diversify. 


Fridge – This one’s a given but when you’ve got sausage rolls, salad & and an assortment of meats for the BBQ – that doesn’t leave much space for beer.


Esky – It’s a national treasure and today the esky is the bloody prom queen. But how many eskys do you have in rotation? What do you do when there’s not enough esky to go around?


Bathtub – Light some candles, put on some Sade – No ordinary love and pour 5 – 10 bags of ice into your tub. Now you got an easily accessible beer vessel that should handle the sheer capacity that game day will require.


Washing machine – Getting desperate? Bust open your toploader, add a couple bags of ice and squeeze your beers in. As long as you don’t turn the bloody thing on you should be good. 



Jack Link’s ☑


Whether you’re firing up the BBQ, downing a beer or firmly planted on the couch – a hand full of Jack Link’s is a win. This beefy beaut delivers huge flavour and enough protein to keep you running at 110%.



A Working BBQ ☑


You might think you can get by on Jack Link’s jerky (and you’re right) but it wouldn’t be a BBQ without a BBQ… Gas, charcoal, woodfire, wildfire. As long as you’re BBQing you’re golden in our eyes. 



A Footy ☑


You haven’t touched a football since the last Grand Final but that won’t stop you! Grab yourself a footy and make your way outside. Today the streets, alleyways and backyards will be your stadium. 

Of course, a year of little to no strenuous exercise makes you much more vulnerable to pulling a muscle – your bathtub full of ice may come back into play at this point.

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