5 Crazy Valentines Day Ideas For Dates And The Dateless

5 Crazy Valentines Day Ideas For Dates And The Dateless

The day of looove is fast approaching which means you’re either scrambling for ideas or anticipating an undeserved sense of shame for being single. Well scramble no longer!


Here’s some Valentines day ideas for those of you who are nauseously in love and those of you who are just nauseous.


1. The ultimate trust fall

What better way to celebrate companionship than to put your life in your partner’s hands! Right guys..? Right.. Get to your closest rock climbing gym, take the (totally long enough) 5 minute induction and experience the joy that is adrenaline.

No one to trust fall with? Well guess what carnivore. The best kind of trust fall doesn’t require any trust at all! Most rock climbing gyms will have an “auto belay device” meaning you can climb without worrying that a certain someone is checking their insta.


2. The beef bouquet

Roses are lame. Flowers are too. A bouquet of Jack Link’s, is a win for both of you. Okay sure, flowers look pretty. But a beef bouquet looks pretty and tastes pretty damn good!

Lone ranger, this is your chance to consume unprecedented amounts of Jack Link’s. The boat’s leaving the dock – don’t be left behind.


3. Explore

Nothing makes you feel alive quite like adventuring into unfamiliar territory and having amazing new experiences. Fill a backpack with some water and jerky then hit the road!

Don’t get me wrong, people are great. But nothing quite compares to stopping on a cliff’s edge and not seeing, hearing or evening sensing another human soul. Pretty deep stuff man…

WARNING: If adventuring alone, make sure you have the necessary preparations in place and enough jerky packed to feed your wild side.


4. Give Cupid a run for his money

That little Cupid thing’s a bit weird but hey, let’s run with it. Get in touch with your wild side and take your date to an archery range for a bit of on the nose competition. 

No date to take? No worries, how often do you get to shoot a bow and arrow!? Give it a shot… Sorry.


5. A date with yourself

With more than half of everyone between 18-34 not in a relationship, Valentines day can be a bit rough for a lot of us. But if conventional wisdom is anything to go by, you gotta love yourself (gurl).

Slip into your comfiest couch clothes, pour a glass of your favourite beverage, rip open a pack of Jack and settle in for a night of chilling. You’ve earned it.


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