Let’s talk about jerky!

Let’s talk about jerky!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you to death on jerky facts… well we won’t but the wild carnivores of Melbourne will!

Burke Street chats

Our newest member to the Jack Link’s fam, JezF.M, hit up the streets of Melbourne CBD for some good old fashioned ‘stop a stranger on the street, position a camera close to their face and fire questions at them’.

Check out the laughs!

It's jerky time!

How does jerky taste is a personal fav of ours. Correct answer is it tastes like hard work,
high-quality beef and a little fun!

yummmmmmm, beeeeeffff

Want to see a play-by-play of all questions asked, check it out here. 

Want to know more about our man JezF.M, who to quote is “I’m like if Jimmy Fallon had a passion for fashion!” then take a look at his Insta profile now!

Until next time wild carnivores.

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