Welcome to the Family, Ham Jerky!

Welcome to the Family, Ham Jerky!

Our all-new ham jerky is available now and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to jump on the ham jerky ship.

Picture this: You’ve been hibernating in your games room all morning playing your favourite FPS. Before you knuckle down and gun down some scrubs you realise, you’re rather peckish and need a pick me up. You walk into your kitchen and lying there…right in front of you…on the kitchen bench, is an unopened packet of maple and brown sugar Jack Link’s ham jerky. HALLELUYAH BROTHERS!

You grab it, break the seal and immediately your blasted in the nostrils by a sensation of pure ecstasy and your body fills with serotonin. Instantly you’re in love. All you can think is, “I need more”.

Well, let me tell you friend, there is plenty of ham jerky for everyone. Two types of protein just weren’t enough for us carnivores. It has been years in the making but it’s finally here and is ready for the meat loving world to experience that pure ecstasy.

Is Ham Jerky Good?

Our ham jerky is a serotonin boosting snack made in New Zealand from specially selected lean and tender premium pork cuts. Just like our beef jerky and biltong, our ham jerky is yet another delicious protein snack option, perfect for fuelling gamers brains, building gymgoers muscles or filling the stomach of anyone looking to spice up their life.

The combination of maple and brown sugar with the subtle but generous hickory wood smoked flavour is truly something special. 

Our new ham jerky is a must have permanent item on your shopping list.

Where Can I Buy Ham Jerky?

Get Jack Link’s beautiful ham jerky can be purchased from your local Woolworth’s, or click here to find other suppliers.

Ham Jerky Nutritional Information

To find out more about Jack Link’s mouth-watering maple & brown sugar ham jerky including nutritional information, click here.

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