What’s this Biltong thing?

What’s this Biltong thing?

You may have seen our all New Traditional Biltong popping up on Coles shelves, but… What’s this Biltong thing?

Just like Jack Link’s Jerky, Biltong is a delicious protein snack made from premium New Zealand beef.

Hailing from South Africa, this beefy bite has a long history spanning nearly 400 years. Dutch seafarers arrived in southern Africa during the 17th century bringing with them wooden shoes, windmills and spices collected from around the world.

Fortunately, for the beef loving world, this introduction of spices such as pepper, coriander and cloves married well with the air dried meats created by the indigenous people of South Africa. And thus Biltong was born.

So what’s the difference between jerky and Biltong? Well both are awesome high protein snacks made from the same cut of premium New Zealand beef but they differ in a few key areas:

Cooking Process

Biltong is air-dried to perfection.

Jerky is slow roasted over hardwood smoke.


Biltong has a richer dry texture.

Jerky has a more chewy succulent texture.


Biltong is marinated in a special mix of herbs and spices giving it a more salty and savoury flavour.

Jerky is flavoured with our signature marinades then smoked giving it a sweet and smokey flavour.  


So now that you know – which will you choose to feed your wild side?

No matter what, both of these tasty bites will serve you well – be it on the trail, at the desk or on your couch.

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