Why So Salty?

Why So Salty?

You may have noticed that Jack Link’s jerky is an amazing source of protein, low in fat, and carbs…

But why is it so salty?


Well, basically…. it needs to be there!

When we make our tasty jerky, we trim our New Zealand beef of fat, cut it into strips then cook and smoke it. Salt is a necessary part of this process as it helps dry out the jerky, as well as acting as a natural flavour enhancer.
Now before anybody freaks out – “Oh no, I need to cut back! Too much salt is bad for me!”

Yes, a high salt intake can be bad for you, but so can a low one.

Like everything else it’s important to have a good balance! Salt has an important role in our diet, just as much as protein or any other nutrient.

Historically salt has always been used to preserve food, since high amounts of salt can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, which is exactly what we want – no one likes mouldy jerky!

Now don’t be salty… off you go Jerky lovers and spread the good vibes!

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