World’s First Snow Sailor

World’s First Snow Sailor

The Outer Edge Polar Challenge


The Outer Edge Polar Challenge… What is this exactly you may ask?!

Well, Charles Werb, an Australian adventurer (and perhaps a little crazy), attempts to undertake a record-setting mission to snow sail across the Antarctica plateau! Charles aims to set a world record for the most wind-assisted distance covered in 24 hours. To help him achieve this mission – he is carrying a custom built snow sailor that is specially designed to glide across the ice powered only by the wind!

Did we mention – this whole adventure is to help raise funds to support the Leukemia Foundation! Many Sponsors jumped on board (including us) to help get Charles to Antarctica. Charles needed to keep his wild side well satisfied for the 3 weeks in Antarctica and we had a stash of Beef Nuggets with his name on it! These provided Charles with a bite sized punch of protein to help keep his energy up on the ice.

Mmmmm Beef Nuggets

Equipped with plenty of protein power, Charles’s journey begins from the Novo base in Antarctica to the South Pole, (then back again!). He will travel an enormous 4,000 km and can reach altitudes of over 2,000 metres! (yes picture an epic scene from Mission Impossible…)

Charles on his custom built snow sailer

Antarctica did have some unexpected surprises for Charles. Volatile weather conditions and time restraints were not working in his favour. Charles was not going to make it all the way to South Pole but he was motivated to achieve as much as possible– and he did just that. As Charles said “don’t let the goal get in the way of a good journey.” At the end of his 3 week crazy adventure Charles was the FIRST PERSON EVER to ride a snow sail in Antarctica and also set a speed and distance mark to be beaten.

We have no doubt Charles will be back on the ice soon! Check out some footage from his time in Antarctica!

Outer Edge Polar Challenge!
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